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Rinastore - Marino Fabiani Sandals / Black

For me, there was always something magical in Italy. Beautiful Italian women and men, Italian food and Italian sense for fashion was always something that had great value.

This day I started with Italy on my mind. I imagine myself walking down the breathtaking Italian streets, full of art and style, full of people and smiles, and everyone was looking just at me. In my mind I was wearing this exact shoes and they have stole every look in the street.

The perfect mix of colors and elegance, but convinient for every day walk as well, made me fell in love at first sight with this Marino Fabiani Sandals.
If you walk in the store, they would be the first thing you would look at. High quality, amazing style and stunning combination of colors is something that describes Italian shoes.

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Rinastore - Fabi Pump / Black

When I think about fashion world, there is always Italy that pops out in my head first. The unique sense for details and unique and innovative style that Italian designers show is something that impress me every time.

For example, when I saw these Fabi Pump sandals, I was impressed by the details and colors. It's like they have their own story. They are telling me that they are unique, different and perfect. They are telling me that everyone will envy me when I put them on. And you know what? I think they are right!!

Put them on with some beutifull spring dress and go to the walk, on the date, early morning breakfast or a drink in the afternoon. It doesn't really matter where are you going, what really matters is that they will make you look just stunning.

If you want one for yourself, than go to and get one right now!

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Rinastore - Fabi Pump / B…

Rinastore - Loriblu Shoes-Beige

I can't even imagine how much gift there is in the hands that make this kind of perfect shoes. You can actually feel the love and tenderness they were made with. You can see soft Italian heart full of love and art just by looking at them. These shoes are art, if you ask me.
They bring elegance to women, they bring style, they bring pride with itself.
You just have to feel like a queen when you wearing them, And that is exactly what they look like -  ROYAL!

Whether you go on a bussiness dinner or an important date dinner with your beloved one, they are perfect choice.
Actually, they are always perfect choice. They speak for you, and they say - " I'm a queen" !

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Rinastore - Loriblu Shoes-Beige by pegiiisu featuring stilettos shoes

My way, my style, my world

Are you a new girls in the city? Everything is new for you, and it seems like there is no one who shares your opinions and weirdness? 

Than is perfect for you! Here you can always find something to show everyone your style.
With these Cesare Paciotti Shoes ( ) show that you have unique style. In combination with your amazing colored hair, show that you don't look like every girl out there.

Come to the semester opening party and be the one who steals all the looks. If  there is someone like you, you will find eachother even in a crowd. There is no crowd big enough for you to be invisible. 

With this outfit all eyes will stay at you!! #2 by pegiiisu featuring floral dresses

Career woman

Have to go to work on this sunny day? Than make it better by wearing this combination of style and colors!
Put on these Gianmarco Lorenzi Sandals ( and win the office.

I can always find perfect match for every day and every occasion on
Today I had to look like a career woman, and these Gianmarco Lorenzi Sandals won my heart at first sight. 

They are open enough for this hot sunny day, and classy enough to walk in the office wearing them. They have the most amazing color, matching my top and eyes! Could it be better? :) 

Now, it is time to go and work work work! #3 by pegiiisu featuring a halter crop top

Take a piece of my yellow world.

So, spring has come today, and what are you going to do? Have no idea yet? Well, than put this outfit on and go down the town. Take a walk in these beautiful Divine Follie Shoes (

Take a deep breath, put on something yellow in combination with these Divine Follie Shoes from the and win all the looks in the city. 

First time I have seen these Divine Follie Shoes, I knew I wanted to mix them with something yellow. In my head was playing that song called "Yellow" by  Coldplay, and all what I was thinking of was colored by sweet yellow feeling.

In my head I was wearing this combination and I was walking through the crowd, but everyone noticed me. They noticed me, because In this combination I looked stunning! Who wouldn't, right? :) #4 by pegiiisu featuring a long-sleeve mini dress

Let Snapmade be your choice

There was always something cool in girls in black. They were always so confident, so seducive and aware of their beauty.

I added some Snapmade products to this black&white combination, just to make it even better! 

snapmade #4 by pegiiisu featuring vintage gloves

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